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Experimental cyclone kiln for gypsum firing 21.07.2011

Experimental cyclone kiln for gypsum firing

design works and and preparation for construction starts. Technology of cyclone firing allows producing plasters from cheap natural resources.

The new technology of gypsum firing in the cyclone firing kilns can produce plasters in quantities up to 5,000 tons per day with low-cost energy from cheap and widespread natural raw materials - fine gypsum with low strength and high humidity. Multiphase gypsum binders included in the composite building materials used in construction and for making plaster and mortar, the production of wall tiles and partition panels, seamless floors, production of lightweight concrete, artificial marble, etc.

On the new cyclone furnace, the construction of which started in July 2011, the processes of drying, dehydration, polymorph conversion of gypsum to produce semi-aquatic gypsum and gypsum anhydrite can be implemented. The main purposes of the installation are: testing the new technology of multiphase gypsum powder production in cyclone furnaces, refining its technical and economic parameters, testing of control algorithms.

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