Standard and heat-resistant centrifugal fans of low, medium and high pressure

Standard and heat-resistant centrifugal fans of low, medium and high pressure

Standard and heat-resistant centrifugal fans of low, medium and high pressure

Standard and heat-resistant centrifugal fans of low, medium and high pressure

The Jet Technologies Concern designs and manufactures nonstandard low, medium and high pressure centrifugal fans under the assigned parameters in its own industrial base. The fans are made of both commercial quality steel, for working at moderate temperatures, and heat-resistant materials, and are designed for moving steam-and-gas masses within processing plant systems and industrial ventilation. The fans are manufactured for a wide range of flow and pressures.


Electric power

0.1 ... 200 kW

Supply voltage

380/220 V

Flow range

100…50000 nm3/h

Pressure range

0.5…10 kPa

Operating temperature range


Ambient temperature

up to 80°С (for general design)

Ambient temperature

up to 200°С (for heat-resistant design)

The solids concentration should not exceed 0.1 g/m3.

The fans are designed for an extended outdoor use under a shed or indoor use at moderate or low temperatures (cold-temperature design, placement categories 1and 2 under State Standard 15150)

The fans are made for left and right rotation with forward-curved, backward-curved and straight blades. The choice of an aerodynamic configuration is determined by the specific operating conditions.

When supplied, the fans may be equipped with a variable speed drive, controlling the electric motor, anti-vibration pads and flexible connectors. The development of an integrated automated control system of the fan is also possible.


High-precision dynamic rotor balancing, used as a mandatory process operation, ensures a low level of vibration and structural noise. The profile of blades, diffusers and the housing is optimized both in terms of increasing the efficiency of the fan and to reduce aerodynamic noise. To this end, the company applies advanced methods of mathematical modeling of flows in the working cavities of the fans. Aerodynamic elements of the fans are manufactured using high-precision laser processing, which ensures the exact compliance of the profile shapes with the requirements developed based on the results of mathematical modeling and experimental fine-tuning. After assembly and balancing, each fan undergoes a performance check on a special aerodynamic stand, with a specific performance characteristic registered in the product passport.


The manufacturer guarantees the quality and long-term operation of the fan provided that the operating organization observes the terms and rules of operation, storing and transporting specified in the operational documentation.

The warranty period is 12 months from the moment of putting the fan into operation, but no more than 18 months from the date of shipment.

The fan’s service life is no less than 5 years. After the warranty period the product is subject to post-warranty service.

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