Manufacturing of equipment, consumables and spare parts

Manufacturing of equipment, consumables and spare parts

The Jet Technologies Concern has its own manufacturing facilities which include procurement, machine tools, welding, assembly and installation sites. All the works are supported by all required licenses and certificates of experts.

The company produces and supplies consumables, high-wearing and spare parts, manufactures equipment and components by own and the Client’s drawings. A short list of these products is presented below.

  • multi-nozzle tuyeres, oxygen lances, blower nozzles, slag tuyeres, fuel lances;
  • gas-air and oxy-fuel burners and injectors, injectors for powder materials for steel-making units;
  • immersion lances with spatial nozzles for injection of argon and powder materials;
  • BOF lances;
  • blast furnace tuyeres;
  • changeable copper heads for the oxygen lances and injectors, changeable copper heads for BOF lances and blast tuyeres, as well as other lance heads of various design;
  • cooled copper panels for steel-making units;
  • water-cooled furnace and equipment elements;
  • valve stands, gas control units, mixing units;
  • crystallizer elements;
  • recuperators for ladle drying and heating units, furnaces and other equipment;
  • high-tech elements of metallurgical equipment and so on.

We are ready to answer all your questions regarding the technology solutions and operating characteristics of our equipment.
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