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Distinctive features of our furnaces

Газовая печь для терпмической обработки1. Fuel saving:

We offer chamber-type furnaces, Bogie hearth furnaces and furnaces of other types with recuperative burners and central heat heat-exchanger. We used an original, contemporary design of the central heat exchanger saves fuel up to 25%, which is comparable with the possibilities of recuperative burners. Thus the cost of the furnace is much lower. The choice of the type of the heating system is largely determined by the tariffs for energy resources. If the price of gas is low, then the extra gas savings associated with a significant increase in the cost of the furnace is economically unprofitable. For these conditions, we recommend a furnace with central heat exchanger. At the same time, large furnaces with a high fuel consumption, under construction in regions with high energy prices, the use of recuperative burners bring considerable benefits.

2. High-precision temperature control:

Аccuracy of implementation of prescribed program of heat treatment ±2°;

3. High-speed heating and cooling:

 A number of modern heat treatment processes in chamber furnaces and ovens Bogie hearth with high-demand heating the slabs - up to 300 ° / hour, and not at the beginning of the process when the temperature of the workpiece is still low, but at the last stage of heating at temperatures above 1100 ° C. Our construction of heating systems, designed using the most modern means of mathematical modeling, provides the required heating rate without over-consumption of energy. In some cases, heat treatment technology require high-precision cooling, when the cooling rate of up to 300 ° / hour. Our system of gas heating furnaces has the option of high-speed-controlled cooling.

4. Safety:

Working with the gas fuel in chamber furnaces and furnaces with roll-out hearth requires staff attention and skill. But no one, even the most skilled, are not guaranteed against errors - it is never wrong only one who does nothing. Blunting of attention is possible, when even an experienced operator ceases to notice the deviation, which are obvious for the "fresh" look. Therefore, our furnaces are equipped with full safety systems and algorithms that are implemented at several levels of control - from the hardware level (burners itself and burner control units) to the upper level of the control systems. Of course, automation is never completely replace humans, but modern automation removes the unnecessary disturbing of man, independently performing routine operations and allowing people to concentrate on the really difficult problems.

5. Information transparency and control of all processes:

Our chamber furnaces and bogie hearth furnaces are equipped with a full set of sensors, which measure all the important parameters:

  • temperature field,
  • fuel flow rate,
  • temperature and flow rate of heated air,
  • the air ratio,
  • the completeness of fuel combustion.

The control system maintains a continuous record of all parameters and events, which allows to objectively look at all the ongoing processes. The data sheet is automatically generated, which is objectively documented all parameters and history of heat treatment to which this particular product is actually exposed in the furnace. Monitoring of the furnace can be done remotely, if you have necessary level of access - from anywhere in the global network with guaranteed protection against unauthorized access. This allows flexible include furnaces in the factory industrial network, and also to respond to deviations in the oven in time.
In agreement with the customer we may continuously monitor the performance of our furnaces directly from our office in St. Petersburg, which is especially important in the initial stages of the new stoves, while operational staffs are not fully adapted to all work procedures.

Features of furnaces design:

  •  Leak proofing door seals, which allows precise control of the atmosphere in the furnace;
  •  Optional design with indirect heating burners if necessary, which exclude contact with the combustion products;
  •  Modern low-inertia fibrous materials for the walls and vaults;
  •  Optional design with high-speed Bogie hearth outdriving and lift door with high speed;
  •  The modular design of furnaces, making it possible, along with a standard performance, flexibly adapts the furnace design to the peculiarities of customer’s factory

A wide range of options, allowing ordering a furnace exactly what you need:

  • Design with recuperative burners and with a central heat exchanger;
  • Design with indirect heating burners;
  • High-speed heating and cooling;
  • Upper-level control;
  • Connection of furnace with a higher level of enterprise information systems;
  • Secure access to the furnace information system from the global network;
  • Recording parameters and events in protected archive;
  • Automatic generation of the product datasheet of the heat treatment;
  • High-speed Bogie hearth outdriving and lift door with high speed;
  • Works for installation of the furnace;
  • Execution of supervision works and putting into operation;
  • Services to instruct the customer's personnel;
  • Authorized translation of operational technical documentation;
  • Design works to supply gas fuel to the furnace;
  • Special design and modification of the furnace design taking into account customer’s constraints and wishes.

All necessary permission documents exists for all furnaces for usage them at hazardous production facilities.

We provide both warranty and post warranty service for the life of the furnace.

We are ready to answer your questions on technical solutions and features of our heat treatment furnaces. Please contact for an order to supply furnaces.
Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

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