Scrap metal drying and heating units (metal charges)

scrap drying and heating units
scrap drying and heating units

These units are designed to preheat the metal charge before loading it into the arc furnace, as well as, if necessary, to remove ice and snow from scrap metal.

Extensive international experience shows that preheating of scrap metal before loading it into the furnace enhances the effectiveness of smelting up to 40%
  • Scrap metal is heated in the charging bucket or other intermediate containers.
  • The units ensure accelerated drying and heating of metal charges which allows to include the process into the existing production cycles.

The metal charge is heated using a heat carrier which is pumped through the scrap metal. The heat carrier is produced in the heat generator of a special unit by combustion of fuel. Passing through the scrap metal, the heat carrier evaporates water and heats the scrap metal to the optimum temperature.

Process control is carried out using an automated control system (APCS), designed on the basis of a programmable industrial controller which ensures long service life with minimal maintenance.

Possible configurations of metal charge heating units:

  • Heating of scrap metal in charging buckets or other intermediate containers.
  • Stationary, lifting, movable. The charging bucket can be moved under the hood of the scrap drying unit on the car, or can be set on a fixed base using an overhead crane.
  • Scrap drying units may include drip pans.
  • Various types of fuels may be used (natural gas, a mixture of natural, coke and blast furnace gases, diesel fuel, etc.);

The use of Jet Technologies’ scrap drying and heating units ensures the following technical and economic effects:

  • Reduction of melting time. Removing moisture from scrap metal and its preheating reduces smelting time, as part of the energy used to evaporate moisture and heat the scrap is not included in the furnace’s heat balance, which makes the use of scrap heating unit cost-effective.
  • Substantial energy saving in electric furnaces, as the scrap is heated using natural gas or other fuels.
  • Guaranteed protection from furnace steam explosions.
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